Covid-19 Vaccination – Your Questions Answered

Covid-19 Vaccination Needle

Covid-19 Vaccination – Your Questions Answered

Now that the first Covid-19 vaccinations are being administered, it makes sense that you’re probably beginning to wonder about the implications this may have on the workplace and whether you can request your employees to be vaccinated. We’ve done some research and have put together a q&a to help you

New Year, New Rules – Is Your Business Ready For 1st January 2021?

If you haven’t already heard, there are a series of changes coming as the Brexit Transition period ends. A number of these changes involve the employment of EU citizens, current and future, in UK businesses. The new rules affecting citizens, businesses and travel to the EU will come into effect from

There Ain’t No Party Like A… OH, There Really Isn’t A Party!

This year has really put everyone through their paces. It’s been full of uncertainty, and whether you revel in delight at the thought of the annual Christmas party, or shudder at the prospect of partaking in office festivities, wintery celebrations can often bring a little bit of joy to those

A Spotlight On Our Partner – Stream Marine Training

As the year draws to a close and we reflect on its challenges, it’s also important to recognise how we overcame them. We had the opportunity to interview Colin McMurray, Stream Marine Training’s recently appointed Group Managing Director, to find out exactly how the group have overcome adversity and adapted their