A Recruitment Trainee Programme: Are You A Match?

When you leave school, not everyone knows which career path is right for them. In fact, We’d go as far to suggest that most don’t. At Stellamar we are interested in the potential rather than the proven, which is why we’ve created a recruitment trainee programme.



It depends on your personality, but a lot of people panic at the thought of those generic interview questions and the fact that your brain seems to have trouble working your mouth. The group setting alleviates this issue, allowing you to input as much as you deem necessary. It’s laid back- and we think funny, allowing you to relax into the session.


We are proud of the progress that Stellamar has made within the recruitment industry. Everyone says that they work differently, but we really do. We train and employ the top talent, able to use these skills to stand out from the automation. Instead of using generic recruitment practices, we build confident, able consultants who earn their commission through excellent candidate and client relationships and the ability to consult. We’ve made a great name for ourselves in the maritime recruitment industry. We’ll tell you where we’ve been and what we plan to do.


It’s just as important for you to feel that we fit as we feel that you do! Finding out how your 8 hours a day will be spent and in which environment is an important aspect. At Stellamar we are growing and don’t take things too seriously… except our work! We encourage all of our consultants to own their workload to save micro-management. This will allow you to see whether we match on styles and working attitudes.


Tall, slim, blonde…kidding!!!

Our training is behaviour led, everybody responds differently and that’s something we understand. With an outstanding HR function, our trainer will adapt to you and recognise your potential. Our Director of HR Services, Adam Myers, often says, “somebody can have 2 degrees and a Masters’ and can’t recruit. Someone who has 1 GCSE can be a superstar.” You will need to be driven, motivated to earn, and to be a self-starter – the rest we can show you. We are a good fit for somebody with retail, telesales, face to face sales or just any job involving people.

You can’t change things, if things don’t change.

If you’re interested in working with us, please get in touch.

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Author: Lorna O’Brien, Director of Marketing