A Spotlight On Elit’Avia

We’re so excited to share this exclusive interview with Michel Coulomb, CEO & Accountable Manager of Elit’Avia!

Read on to find out about Elit’Avia’s tailor-made services, along with Coulomb’s opinions on how the aviation industry has been impacted by Covid-19.

For those of our audience who do not know you, please describe the services offered by Elit’Avia?

Elit’Avia is an aircraft management, sales, charter, leasing and aviation services company focused on delivering tailor-made personalized service.  As one of the largest operators of Bombardier Global aircraft holding the highest industry accreditations for safety of operations worldwide, we offer the highest levels of service, security and discretion.

There is an assumption that private jet travel is less bureaucratic and difficult than commercial airlines, would you agree with this?

There are always bureaucratic requirements to air travel, which have increased significantly due to COVID-19. However, private jet travel focuses on the individual, which is generally not the case with commercial operations. Private aircraft operators make bureaucratic processes easier, which is an essential part of delivering personalized service.

How has private jet travel changed over the past year?

First, owner flights have been as active as usual, within Covid restrictions. Second, charter has been up and down as Covid restrictions have presented challenges. Travel support systems have also been impacted, including crew accommodations, crew travel, varying Covid restrictions per jurisdiction and cost/availability of maintenance support. The complexities of making travel plans have been a challenge for everyone. For passengers, one of the greatest changes is the increased likelihood of diversions in response to rapidly changing Covid restrictions. Our goal remains to provide superior service no matter the challenges that Covid presents.

What are some of the most interesting charters that Elit’Avia have been involved with in the last year, in terms of the purpose of the travel?

We have operated numerous intercontinental flights.  We have also chartered aircraft to support repatriation and the provision of medical supplies.

How does Elit’Avia differentiate itself in the market? What are some of the key services that you offer that others do not?

Elit’Avia offers highly-personalized services focused on the client. Our client services, travel, key accounts, maintenance and operations experts support highly-experienced flight crews. Our services allow our clients to focus on their business and not on the travel. Finally, our complete travel solution offers safety, peace of mind and comfort.

What are the major challenges that the business has faced in the last 12 months?

Covid has been the main challenge. It has impacted all aviation support systems. The impacts on hospitality and commercial aviation have strained the basic support functions for managing an international business. From multinational partners to smaller businesses that support aviation, all have been impacted. Working through this together has created stronger relationships and shown the resilience of individuals and companies. The challenges have made our partnerships more important and the experience has shown that together we can succeed.

What are the regular problems that you solve on behalf of your guests and owners, on a day-to-day basis?

Evolving travel restrictions are a constant planning challenge. Lack of capacity for aircraft at unexpectedly busy locations forces operators to provide alternate take-off/landing options. Aircraft maintenance has required longer lead times due to supply chain management issues. Our focus on door-to-door service is designed to create a safer environment for charter clients and aircraft owners. The strength of partnerships is being able to solve these challenges together seamlessly.

What should an aircraft owner look for in a private jet management company?

All private aircraft management companies focus on safety. It is the foundation of what we do. Elit’Avia operates at the highest safety and industry standards. We are Stage 3 IS-BAO, Wyvern Wingman and ARGUS Platinum certified – one of few operators to hold all three designations. Service is also essential and must accurately reflect individual needs and preferences. For example, operating an aircraft globally requires infrastructure, IT, maintenance partnerships and appropriate accreditations to operate in specific jurisdictions.

Have you seen an increase in demand for private charters since the pandemic began?

During the pandemic, we witnessed a full spectrum from virtually zero activity to demand exceeding capacity. Elit’Avia is enjoying its busiest year due to the extraordinary demand for repatriation, medical services, charter and owner flights.

With the Covid-19 pandemic in mind, what are the key benefits to Private Jet travel?

Flexibility and convenience. Private jet operators adjust to client needs and preferences, including scheduling, departures and arrivals. Direct point-to-point travel is very time-efficient. Plus, a dramatically lower number of touch points and the ability to hand-pick your travel companions contributes directly to passenger safety.

Elit’Avia can help you travel with safety, peace of mind and comfort. For more information, please visit their website.

Header photo by: Darren Agius

Body photos by: Daryl Cauchi