Finding Your Path At Sea: Facebook Live

This month we held our first ever Facebook Live session, ‘Careers at Sea’!

The event was geared towards 3rd and 4th Engineers, 2nd and 3rd Officers, and Cadets. All of whom were looking for assistance in finding their paths at sea. Our MD, Alasdair MacMillan, was joined by Recruitment Director, Lisa Gage, to answer questions and share progression advice.

The discussion was held on our Facebook group and covered a variety of topics. These included CV tips, the best employment markets for British seafarers, and advice in standing out against job competitors. Furthermore, we also accepted questions from those watching live.

Our aim in holding the session was to engage with young seafarers on an easily accessible platform. We offered them the opportunity to seek advice from senior consultants of the maritime industry whom they wouldn’t usually interact with.

As a maritime recruitment agency based in Southampton, the Stellamar team are passionate about the UK maritime agenda. We are optimistic about the industry’s future and are aware of the increasing demand for qualified officers at sea. According to Oxford Economics, the industry is forecasted to require almost 1.1 million officers globally by 2026. This will create an array of opportunities for those hoping to embark on, or progress in, their sea career.

UK Cadets

However, following Maersk Line’s decision to discontinue its UK cadetship scheme, it is true that the industry will need to work together in order to encourage young people to choose these vocations.

Furthermore, Alasdair believes that prospective Cadets should be receiving detailed career guidance. “Very few individuals, upon entering the industry, have any idea what the specifics of their employment outlook will be,” he states in his recent Nautilus article.They do not receive the right level of career guidance to ensure that they know what to expect when their training is complete”.  We should all make a conscious effort to change this if we are to meet the rising demand for officers.

This is something we need to take some collective responsibility for,” believes Alasdair.

Our ‘Careers at Sea’ Facebook Live was the first step of many. Offering support to existing seafarers who feel they have not received adequate advice is incredibly important.

We are planning future sessions of this nature for young seafarers looking to take the first steps in their employment.

The full video is available to watch on our Facebook group and we are happy to answer any additional questions either via inbox or in the comment section. Make sure to join the group to be notified about our upcoming career guidance events.

Lastly, we love to hear from prospective candidates and clients. If you wish to contact us regarding your sea career or your search for qualified talent, please head to our contact page.

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Author: Charlotte Dixon, Digital Marketing Coordinator