There Ain’t No Party Like A… OH, There Really Isn’t A Party!

This year has really put everyone through their paces. It’s been full of uncertainty, and whether you revel in delight at the thought of the annual Christmas party, or shudder at the prospect of partaking in office festivities, wintery celebrations can often bring a little bit of joy to those dark evenings.

COVID-19 may have scarpered our ideas of ending this year with a bang, but there’s no harm in getting creative in how we enjoy a little Christmas spirit with our colleagues.

Read on for our top tips for making the most of Christmas in true 2020 fashion.

1. Host A Virtual Christmas Party

There’s no denying that we’re all probably a little Zoom’d out. However, a virtual party is a simple and inexpensive way to gather your workforce for a final time before winding down for the festive period.

You could insist that everyone wears their ugliest Christmas jumper and has a mince pie at the ready. Celebrate everyone’s hard work with an informal awards ceremony, or perhaps treat everyone to one last Zoom quiz – for good measure.





2. Speak To Your Team

Have you asked your employees what they would like to do? After a tough year, perhaps all your employees really want is an extra half-day with their loved ones over the Christmas break. Speak to your team and focus on hearing what their wants and needs are.




3. Consider Gift Alternatives

Work out how much your annual Christmas party usually costs the business and consider putting the money towards something that will improve the office in the new year – such as a new coffee machine, or a dart board.

You could even divide your budget between your employees and send everyone a gift. We’d suggest something personal to each employee, whether a handpicked gift or a voucher that aligns with their interests. This is a great way to thank them for their loyalty and hard work throughout the year.

4. Look For Outdoor Activities

You may not be able to host your much-anticipated office Christmas party, but why not look for an outdoor alternative?

Check out the government guidelines for your area, and take stock of local festive activities you could partake in.

Perhaps take a socially distanced walk to see nearby Christmas lights with a flask of coffee each and some mince pies. It’s all about thinking outside the box.



5. Get Charitable

Choose one or more charities that mean something to your company and employees and, instead of spending out on a Christmas party, agree to make a charitable donation. You could even ask your employees if they’d like to make a personal donation to the cause.

This could be acknowledged and celebrated as an end of year team achievement. It would also make a huge difference to others, as this difficult year draws to a close.

6. Focus On Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing, whether at work or at home, is very important. Although Christmas is a very joyful time for some, for others it can be a time of worry, money troubles and family issues.

Reach out to your staff, colleagues, and those around you often. Ensure that nobody feels alone and that everyone has someone they can reach out to.

Here’s to a happy and healthy Christmas. Even if we can’t let our hair down and dance the night away this year, we can still make it special!

Author: Hannah Savill, HR Consultant
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