The Recruitment Bumper Cars!

Some people describe the recruitment industry as a rollercoaster. We’d say that recruitment is more like the bumper cars.

This analogy works better as a rollercoaster in a pre-defined path with expected ups and downs, loops and a start and finish position. Recruitment is not an easy ride, but you ride it your way and the reward is big.


The bumper cars are loud and exciting – the ride also depends on who else is there. The same can be said for the recruitment office. It’s loud, unpredictable and ultimately exciting. The feeling of winning and the feeling of crashing equally creates the adrenaline to make you laugh out loud and occasionally crash hard. Put your foot back on the pedal and you’re off again.


The rollercoaster will be the same ride, regardless of who else is riding. Being in an office with fellow recruiters changes the ride daily. You have that overly competitive player, the silent sniper and the process driven player. These people are playing the same game, with a different method which is such an amazing learning environment. Recruiters are all so different.


The bumps, the engine fails, finally hitting that competitor!!! In recruitment, everything can change in a week, a day, an hour, a phone call – that’s what makes the game so invigorating. It really is a job where every day is an unknown entity.


You’re still on the ride, you’re killing it but then your car has broken down! Arggh. In recruitment, even when you’ve filled the job, the candidate starts and the commission is paid – you still have the cloud of the rebate. You may need to find a new, unexpected strategy and replace your vehicle within the specified timeframe. Luckily, this is not something which happens too often, but it is one of the “bumps” along the way.

Recruitment is not for everyone. You must be determined, have a thick skin and enjoy the uncertain. The bumps are frustrating and often stressful but depending on whether you are getting bumped or doing the bumping, the ride is ever-changing and thrilling.

Here at Stellamar, we have a number of different players, but all of them are accountable, hard-working and determined. We aren’t interested on getting on the same ride as everyone else. If you can relate and you think the recruitment bumper cars are for you, have a chat with us and find your new career in recruitment today.

Stellamar is a recruitment agency based in Southampton operating in Global markets for the maritime and HR industries. Visit our website or give us a call on +44 (0) 2381 590059 to discuss any recruitment requirements you have.

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Author: Lorna O’Brien, Director of Marketing